Sheetmetal forming / locksmith work

We provide sheetmetal cuts up to a thickness of 6 mm and folding parts up to a length of 2.5 m. Sheets of the accuracy class according to DC01 and S235, in the thickness of 1 to 6 mm, are always on stock. If necessary, a production within a few hours is possible. In case other accuracy classes are required, they can be provided on a short term. Custom-built productions are no problem for us. Sheetmetal cuts can be punched or notched with existent universal tools, without causing high costs for tools. With the folding press we can form simple sheetmetal cuts, processed plates, and outsourced laser and flame-cut parts up to a thickness of 12 mm. For the processing we use the following equipment:

• plate shear 2 m x 6 mm
• CNC folding press 1000 kN
   up to a length of 2.5 m
• folding machine 1 m x 2,5 mm
• roll bending machine 1 m x 3 mm
• universal bending, punching,
   and notching tools

Locksmith work

The assembly of pre-processed sheetmetal parts and semi-finished products for components or end products is carried out by our experienced metalworkers. In “products” you will find a variety of our manufactured products.